Close the Gap simplifies and elevates the way you communicate with customers through four methods:

  1. Timely messaging
    1. Email’s great for long term offers, but when the info requires a quick response, text is the way to go. It’s why we specialize in messaging for customers who are busy and highly mobile. If you think your business could benefit from a communications boost, we’re happy to show you how.
  2. Multimedia text
    1. In addition to verbal messages, our unique platform lets you send a variety of media to your audience. Send schedules, brochures, video previews, or any other attachments for more effective messaging.
  3. Branded communication
    1. Add your logo to any text you send to give the message your unique imprint and reach your customers with more brand impressions.
  4. List management
    1. Send messages to highly targeted audiences to maximize relevance and engagement.