Make sure they get the message.

Emails can pile up. App notifications annoy. When you need to break through the noise, a simple, personalized text is what actually gets read.

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Events Text


Whether for planned activities or unforeseen circumstances, keep everyone in the know, in sync, and on schedule.

  • Meeting attendees
  • Hotel guests
  • Event staff
  • Hotel staff
  • Intermediaries
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Attendees Text


Give valuable insights that will lead to a successful visit.

  • Hotel guests
  • Local visitors
  • Local club member
  • Travel agents
  • Meeting planners
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Visitors Text


Urgent meetings. Volunteer shortfalls. When members and associates need to know right away, text spreads the message far, and fast.

  • Members
  • Volunteers
  • Committee members
  • Staff
  • Hosted buyers
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